Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Media & Design studies: Illuminated Manuscript

David Lynch's Dune, Opening monologue and The Litany against fear (border)
 Ink, watercolour and gold marker on parchment paper, 8.5x11"

Using song lyrics, a poem, biblical scriptures, what have you.... your goal is to design an opening page for an illuminated manuscript. The "feel" should be similar to the examples shown in chapter 4, but feel free to do additional research. Ideally, you will elegantly design your initial letter and then weave your other type and text around, creating an overall page. A page that allows the eye to easily follow along and is colorful and attractive. The overall style used to create the page should reflect the overall mood and style of the text you have choosen. For instance: If you were to pick a song that was "moving, emotional, or touching" then your colors, the style of lettering should reflect that mood. I don't want to specify a minimum number of characters/letters, but please choose something long enough to make this work (feel free to bounce your idea off me first.)

Specifics: Overall finished Manuscript Page size = 8.5"w X 11"h Full color, created by hand (no computer printouts.) Use illustration board, bristol board, watercolor paper, etc. but please pick a relatively STURDY working surface.

Grading: You will be graded on the following criteria 1) Design concept 2) Color Choice and balance 3) Typography (does it fit the style (mood)) 4) Detail/rendering (is your design clean and crisp)
Draftsmanship and skill in rendering will be taken into consideration as part of the grade. 

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