Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Design Studio I: Knott's Berry farm promotion, group project

Knott's Berry Farm website Home page
Knott's berry Farm Magazine ad spread (In collaboration with Aiden Baumgardner)
Knott's Berry Farm commercial

In our second module, you will work together in randomly-assigned small group teams to create your project, with a second-year student as your creative director. Final presentations of this project should include discussion of how you chose to work together, plan, communicate and carry out your ideas to finished stage.Students will be broken into randomly assigned teams, with a student from second year acting as your creative director. You are responsible for working together to create a promotion for an existing amusement or theme park, small or large. Each team member will receive the same grade, based on the effectiveness of the design. How you structure, communicate, and work within your team context is up to you.
Project will consist of:
18x24" Poster
Either a two-page magazine spread, or two individual ads.
Web site home page (design in InDesign, etc - this is not meant to be a functional site.)
One other piece that communicates/sells/promotes your park, you decide. 

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