Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Design Studio I: TV channel PhaT TV

Phat TV promotional blimp. Photoshop & InDesign
Logo by Chelsea Gahagan

Phat TV promotional balloon. Photoshop & InDesign
Logo by Chelsea Gahagan

Phat TV promotional blimp and balloon specs. Illustrator
Logo by Chelsea Gahagan

Your final group project for your TV channel should consist of a minimum of 5 pieces. Must include 1. Logo 2. Simulation of screen showing "bug" (we will discuss this in class) 3. A full page magazine ad promoting your channel Pieces 4 and 5 are up to you... think in terms of how you would reach your target audience, who they are, what would appeal to them. All team members get same feedback and grade.

Aiden Baumgardner
Daron Coine
Chelsea Gahagan
Justin Miller
Luciano Sormani

For our TV station we came up with PhaT, which is an acronym for Personal Health Awareness TV. This sounds kind of heavy, but what it actually is, is a platform for plus-sized entertainment. PhaT fills the space in today’s television for all those people who don’t fit the ultra-thin image usually portrayed by the major networks and Hollywood. At PhaT, we show programs in which normal people are happy, confident and successful, and yes a lot of the time, even funny.

Our line-up of programs is mostly light-hearted entertainment: comedies, movies, cooking and fashion oriented shows, with the occasional more serious documentaries that deal with keeping healthy and feeling comfortable in your own skin. There are many actors, performers and celebrities that don’t fit the so-called ‘normal’ image portrayed by the regular media, and they are the perfect spokespeople for us. Think of Jack Black, Mo’nique, Nick Frost, Dawn French, Queen Latifah, Beth Ditto, the list is almost endless. This great variety in content makes PhaT a ‘Larger than life’ channel. It’s bold, in your face, but never belligerent or accusatory, and our styling reflects that. Programs include those that are centered around plus-sized characters for instance: Fat Actress, Mike & Molly, and Drop Dead Diva to shows where one or more characters fall into this category, like Family guy or Modern Family. Cooking shows would focus not on dieting or losing weight, but on enjoyment and health. Fashion programs would focus on making average and plus-sizes look fabulous.

Our logo. Using rounded shapes, this fun little TV is simply bursting with cheer. Its bright colors show that PhaT is a fun place for viewers of all ages.

Bug: Our bug shows the Phat airship trailing a banner across the bottom of the screen and colliding with the logo on the right. On TV this would be animated.

Target audience. Even though PhaT is accessible and appealing to a wide variety of viewers, its main target audience is average to plus-sized men and women in their late teens till early 40’s, who enjoy well-made but light fare, the good things in life and variety in their entertainment. Communication towards our target audience would be bold and colorful, with a tongue-in-cheek feel reminiscent of Comedy Central, but less edgy.

Apart from regular printed media, our Campaign will consist of eye-catching and mobile platforms. First there will be a party bus that tours the country promoting PhaT in all-day events, including sumo wrestling contests, live music and special appearances. The bus can pop up in College campuses, malls and sports events that attract large crowds. Accompanying the bus will be either a hot air balloon or an airship that attracts attention to the event for miles. These can also be used on their own to advertise PhaT at concerts, sports events, beaches and other mass gatherings.

A website would be launched at a later time, but as it’s not live yet, we didn’t include it in this campaign.

For big tv, there’s only one way to go: Phat, go BIG or go home!

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