Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Design Studio I: Page's Spa Billboard

Page's Salon Billboard, preliminary 1

Page's Salon Billboard, preliminary 2

Page's Salon Billboard, preliminary 3

Page's Salon Billboard, final.

Create a billboard, including a logo design, for Page's Day Spa and Salon, an imaginary "getaway" spa; classy but not geared to the "rich and famous." Choose a 3-5 color palette from either kuler or pantone swatches to accompany your logo, that would be used to create a cohesive feel throughout the corporate identity and advertising. Use the website www.pagesalon.com and the phone number 888-350-PAGE. Consider how a billboard is viewed; typically you have seconds to view these. Proportional size 12' x 24' wide ("30 sheet" dimensions.)

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