Saturday, July 17, 2010

From the vaults III

Inside the box, Pencil, crayon and watercolour on paper 1995

A city with nine gates as described by Marco Polo. Pencil and Conte crayon on paper, 1995
A city with nine gates as described by Marco Polo. Pencil and Conte crayon on paper, 1995
Walking into an O'Keeffe, Acrylic, pencil and ballpoint on paper, 1995
Dark & Light, Botanical study. Pencil & Conte crayons on paper, 1995

Above: These were assignment pieces done at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie during the orientation year.

Pierrot the clown, gouache on cardboard, ca. 1985

One of my first paintings in elementary school, even though I was already considered to have a flair for drawing and painting. We were doing a class project where everyone had to paint a clown. The teacher asked me to draw an example clown for the rest of the class on the blackboard. I drew a typical clown with a brightly painted face, red curly hair etc. As the entire class set out to do their version of my example, I surprised everyone by painting this understated sad clown and forever cemented my reputation as the odd guy out.

Still life in greens, gouache on paper ca. 1988
Robot enjoying a Mondrian, Pencil on paper ca. 1987

Above: These were done in drawing class in Highschool

Ritual Palm Mask, vacation project Almeria july 1997 mixed media
Ritual Palm Mask, vacation project Almeria july 1997 mixed media
These masks were made on vacation in the far south of Spain, in the desert region of Almeria. It was very hot and dry during the day and there wasn't much to do. On the terrain around our vacation house were some old palm trees that had shed their leaves. The fallen palm leaves looked like tribal masks and that gave me the idea to actually turn them into real masks using basic tools, some paints and some found objects. The dried palm wood was extremely tough though, so there aren't many details. This small sketch was also made there:

Beach at Cabo de Gata, Almeria. July 1997 Ink and watercolour on paper.

Monday, July 12, 2010

At the Painters Fair II

This art is on fire!

Maybe it was the scorching temperatures, maybe it was the sub-zero economic climate or maybe it's just a question of taste, but this years painters fair wasn't the resounding succes I was hoping it would be. We had a different location this year, across from our old spot, which was good in that it had a lot of shade for a large part of the day, but bad because it was a corner spot that didn't have a lot of traffic. Nobody puts baby in a corner, but this time I didn't mind so much, I was able to display my works on both sides of the stand (not visible on the photo are two more paintings, the penguins and the rusty parrotfish).
Despite a number of positive comments and prices that were ridiculously on the low side, I only managed to sell one painting (the eye of the Gekko will now have a new home with my good friends Menno and Marjon, bless them) and all of two greeting cards. It's still beyond me how people can be attracted to my work, browse through the entire set of cards (yes some people actually went through the whole box of 63 cards which consisted of just 10 different ones) and not put down 1,50 euro. It's probably just me ;-)
With brush in hand, foto laurence Meijer
Foto: Yvonne Eggens
The fair encourages artists to show their skills by actually working on something during the fair. I Started a small pufferfish that was ideally suited for this, as it wasn't too big and used a basic set of colours. Especially kids seemd to love it. Maybe I should do a line of cute animals for kids rooms. Everyone loves brightly coloured fish and birds right?
I worked on the fish untill it juste became too hot and left Alex to hone his budding painters skills on the background. I tell you the boy has talent! Meanwhile the sweltering heat left none unaffected, from surly auctioneers to art fair patrons who fled to cooler places in droves (even if it meant hearing an out-of tune women's choir in the coolness of the church building). I did a few tours of the fair myself and with a few exceptions that were either beyond my budget or impossible to travel with, didn't see anything that seduced me into buying it. All in all it was a nice experience yet again and we had a lot of fun in a subdued, non-sweat inducing way. Next year I'll be in the US looking for artistic and legally non-visa-jeopardising opportunities.
Thank you Alex, Yvonne, Menno, Marjon, Ellen and Wilna for helping out!

tetraodon nigroviridis

Spotted green pufferfish in progress, 40x30cm acrylic on canvas

Monday, July 05, 2010

Rusty Parrot Fish Redux

Rust Parrot Fish Redux, 40x40cm acrylic on canvas
(see also march 2009)

Sunday, July 04, 2010

For the birds II

Gannets in progress 2, 80x60cm acrylic on canvas

Gannets in progress, 80x60cm acrylic on canvas

Thursday, July 01, 2010

For the birds

Penguins cuddling at dawn, 60x60cm acrylic on canvas

Black footed penguins in progress, 60x60cm acrylic on canvas