Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Transmissions from Venus

Transmissions from Venus VI

Transmissions from Venus I, II, III

Transmissions from Venus, IV, V, VII

These images were created as album art for a music collection called Transmissions from Venus. It was a collection of mostly dark and atmospheric songs with un unearthly feel. In making the artwork I tried to mirror this mood. These were among the first digital images I have created. Early 2004

The Trees

The Trees

This is another piece I did for the 2006 calendar. Again the basic image was provided by my mother's painting to which I added several photographic elements and treatments of my own. November 2005



This work was made especially for a calendar I made together with my mum. I used one of her paintings as a starting point and added different photographic elements. In all there are over 10 layers superimposed. November 2005


Judas, A self portrait

This piece combines a picture of me with elements of a painting by Breughel and architectural elements photographed by myself in Germany. My aim was to get an iconic, medieval feel. the illuminated seal does the trick. February 2006

Here something mysterious sleeping inside

Welcome to Art from the chasm. A while ago I realised I was misusing my blog sunrise on mars to post my art, instead of my writing. To correct that and make the blog less chaotic, I have decided to start a new one, dedicated exclusively to my artistic endeavoures. So here is my art from the chasm... hope you find something that touches you.

All of the images on this Blog were made by me. If you want to see a larger version simply click on the image. If you use any of the images that are displayed here, I would appreciate it if you let me know about it. You can send me an e-mail or leave a comment.