Sunday, April 29, 2007

...and they were all yellow


This image was conceived as cover art for a birthday CD for my brother. In this portrait I fell in love with the colour yellow. The picture was taken by Dixy Sormani in Sevilla. Originally there was a yellow tile background, but the end product is more like the brilliant swirling mass of the sun. The 'angel' in the bottom right was drawn by my niece, so actually it's a family effort.

Jupiter rising

Jupiter rising

Lips ablaze with fiery kisses
Jupiter rising from the dark side of the sky
swirling mists, clouds of mystery beyond
on the threshold of discovery...

Triptych in Blue

Triptych in blue

So it's self-portrait time again. But what do you do when your webcam takes horribly low-resolution images and blurs your features? Just go wild with textures and colour shifts! the blue background suggested itself as I was tweaking the colours and I decided to go with it, it also sets of my skin tone (which is a pale white in reality).