Thursday, January 11, 2007

The ravages of time

The ravages of time

This image was created for the 2007 calendar, but once I finished it I felt it didn't fit in with the other images so it got left out. I still think it's interesting enough on its own. Many thanks to google for providing weird industrial imagery as well as my mother's painting for the explosion of colour. November 2006

2007 calendar

Industrial wasteland

The downfall of western society

These images were created specially for the 2007 calendar. As you can see by the mood of the pictures and their titles, they are a comment on the current turmoil in the world. Both of them contain elements of paintings made by my mother. November 2006

The resurrection of mystery

The resurrection of mystery, part 1 tryptych

The resurrection of mystery, part 2 tryptych

This artwork was originally conceived and used as sleeve art for a music collection. It represents a hermetic dream of creation and the cycle of life and death. In this form they also appeared on my calendar for 2007. October/November 2006