Thursday, January 11, 2007

2007 calendar

Industrial wasteland

The downfall of western society

These images were created specially for the 2007 calendar. As you can see by the mood of the pictures and their titles, they are a comment on the current turmoil in the world. Both of them contain elements of paintings made by my mother. November 2006


Chew Toy said...

You have an untamed sense of saturation. It really pulls a sureal quality into your work, and as for myself, I LOVE it. It's candy for the eyes, even when the message is bittersweet.

Luciano75 said...

Hmmm saturation schmaturation! Yes I tend to go all out on it hehe... maybe one day there will be a 'subtle' period. Right now I'm more in an extreme period. I want to push the boundaries of layers, of contrast, of density.