Thursday, January 11, 2007

The ravages of time

The ravages of time

This image was created for the 2007 calendar, but once I finished it I felt it didn't fit in with the other images so it got left out. I still think it's interesting enough on its own. Many thanks to google for providing weird industrial imagery as well as my mother's painting for the explosion of colour. November 2006


Chew Toy said...

Very "Rome is burning." It's not a far cry from the Downfall of Western Society. Especially when you consider the way that concept is historically echoed throughout humanity's past. It's got some rorschach stuff going on that I think is wonderful. I'd order a print, if I knew where your online store was. ;-)

Luciano75 said...

True. Allthough this one has more emphasis on time as a destructive force. It moves inexorably forward, blindly. It doesn't care about our petty suffering or sadness, we are just a blip in the big picture.