Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Collateral design: Artist campaign

Artist campaign, CD package front.
Photography by Ian Komac
Artist campaign, CD package interior & CD label.
Photography by Ian Komac.
Artist campaign, subway ads. Photoshop
Photography by Ian Komac.
Artist campaign, Outdoor ad. Illustrator
Photography by Ian Komac.
Artist campaign, 11x17" poster. InDesign
Artist campaign, CD package. InDesign.
Some Photography by Ian Komac.

Artist campaign, instant camera sleeve. InDesign

Artist package creative brief

For my artist package I chose upcoming artist Vicci Martinez. Even though she’s been making music and releasing records since she was a teenager, she’s only recently come to the attention of a large audience thanks to her appearance in NBC’s The Voice. At the auditions she blew the crowd away with her rendition of Adele’s ‘Running in the deep’ and later on won her ‘battle round’ with another amazing performance, this time singing Pink’s ‘Fucking Perfect’. Regardless of the outcome of the show, I think she has made a big impression on the music-loving public and will become a successful artist in the years to come.

Looking at her previous releases there’s no coherent design to them, and even the logo on her otherwise professional website seems quickly thrown together. For this package I decided to go with a sophisticated feel, as would be fitting a major label release. Her current logo incorporates a wing and I decided to keep that idea, but in a more focused way. I chose the handwritten script because I feel it fits her loose style and her age. Her style of music is a mix between singer/songwriter, soul and blues with a hint of rock, similar to Melissa Etheridge and Beth Hart, and like them she appeals to a pop audience as well. For this campaign I wanted to stay away from any genre clich√©’s that would label her as a genre artist, but instead tried to create a ‘big budget’ feel by combining deep blues with gold and emerald green and using Trajan Pro for legibility and sophistication. Other releases of this kind would use a lot of artist photo’s to make up the bulk of the images, to retain a more ‘indie’ feel, I consciously used only one photo of Vicci herself and instead used more expressive ‘artistic’ images that corresponded with the theme of her album.

For the outdoor ads I decided to go with mid-size poster that Is fully scalable and can be used in subways, on the side of trucks or buildings. The smaller poster includes more information and is suited for a variety of locations, clubs, stores, bus shelters etc.

Some of the photography used is by Ian Komac, see his work here on

For our final project in Collateral Design, we will create a multiple-piece campaign for a band or recording artist of your choice.Project should be designed to promote a new (not existing) CD and tour. I would encourage you to consider pushing yourself on this project to do something you might not ordinarily listen to. Design, font choices, etc, should be appropriate to the genre/artist. Design: Logo specific to the disc/tour; consider designing in llustrator to keep clean vector art. CD packaging, including label see for templates. 11 x 17 Poster. 1 example of outdoor or large format advertising - take note on the NY trip, there are long banners that go the whole way up the subway escalator, for instance, or banners covering the side of a building, etc. Minimum of 1 add'l pcs to be determined; remember all we've talked about in regards to creating a unique promotional product. Mounting, etc. up to you - just make it look professional and worthy of a final project.


Ian Komac said...

Are you kidding me? No credit to all the photographers? I see two of my photos worked into this "advertisement" You could at least have asked permission. I can't believe I didn't see this before. This is my flickr account so you can check:

This is very unprofessional and disrespectful to every photographer that worked on those images.

Luciano75 said...

My Apologies Ian. These designs were done during my graphic design education and are meant solely for that purpose. I found these online at the time and wasn't fully aware of how to track down copyright ownership etc. Your Work is beautiful, and I'd be happy to inlude a link to your images on flickr.