Thursday, March 10, 2011

Typography: 1337

1337, paraphrase of lyrics by Tori Amos,
Marker and pen on bristol board with punched through holes.
11x19" Font: PT Courier 

Objective: develop an awareness of the Gestalt ideas of visual perception as it may apply to typography by creating a l33t. (Leet)
To quote wikipedia, a l33t or Eleet (sometimes rendered Leet, 1337, or 31337), also known as Leetspeak, is an alphabet used primarily on the Internet, which uses various combinations of ASCII characters to replace Latinate letters. The term is derived from the word "elite", and the usage it describes is a specialized form of symbolic writing. Different "dialects" or varieties of leet are found on different online forums. 
For our purposes,see the examples provided as a pdf resource and think along those lines, substituting numerals for letters, etc. Create a "l33t" word or phrase - minimum 7 characters. Any word, name, city, etc... just keep it PG rated. Identify font or fonts used on the back of your project... they need not be from your book, but must be "real" fonts.
Rendered by hand, in either full color, OR no less than black, white and one additional color. (The color should accentuate, not overpower or obscure your typography!) Render no smaller than 11 x 17", board, canvas, watercolor paper, etc. as appropriate to your choice of medium. Margins or not, up to you

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