Monday, November 29, 2010

Logo design: Infinite Energy

Infinite Energy Logo, final version
marker on paper

Infinite Energy Logo Design
Company Name:
Infinite Energy
Infinite Energy will be the first energy drink that lasts 12 hours with no crash, jitters, or other negative side effects. The product will feature time released B vitamins and a special 12 hour caffeine. You take it late in the don’t sleep that night. If you don’t feel great for about 12 hours you should check your pulse.
Top Three Things to Communicate Through the Logo Design:

  • • Energy
  • • Power
  • • Stamina
Target Audience:
Energy Drink Market. Competitors. Red Bull, 5 Hour Energy, Monster Energy, Rock Star . Male/Female in
the age range of 18-38.
Considert the following when coming up with your concept:

  • • fonts
  • • color(s)
  • • style

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Villiam said...

This is good info! A logo is a unique form of pictorial representation of a corporation in the market. This is a representation of an organization in a market carrying its identity.
Thanks for great sharing.