Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sketches for my sweetheart

The last shimmers of twilight, digital media
From a story by William Toy.

The ants formed long orderly rows, digital media
From a story by me.

Here lies a great friend, digital media
From a story by Matthew Gochnaur.

There’s a big oak tree. It’s summer, digital media
From a story by Matthew Gochnaur.

These are illustrations made for a collection of short stories called: When you're gone. The process I used is as follows: First I took a printed page with the original text and printed a colour photograph on it. Then I painted on that page, adding images and obscuring others. Then I scanned the page and changed the lighting and color balance digitally, sometimes adding elements from other images or from the original photograph. This results in a multi-layered image that incorporates the original text from each story.


Billy Toy said...

Brilliant as always, my love!

Billy Toy said...

The Last Shimmers of Twilight really demonstrates the potential of this particular media mix. I think Here Lies a Great Friend also works well.